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The Private Token Offering has ended

180 million DEBCO tokens were sold  (by contributions and bookings by reservation)

Debreco is now preparing to get DEBCO token listed on DEX

There might be an alteration on the Roadmap structure. Our team will make the corresponding announcement soon regarding any changes


Debreco’s Debt & Credit Protocol is a standardized, reliable method for consolidating, creating and recording debt, and also  credit obligations on the blockchain. 

Our protocol functions as a foundation for building distributed applications that involve debt consolidation, accounting, default tracking, account receivables, or also tracking any form of financial obligations. This service is available for both personal and institutional entities.

Debreco is revolutionizing debt management and recordings on the blockchain via tokenization.


Debreco's Debt & Credit Protocol. Coming Soon........

Coming Soon

Platform Prototype
Coming Soon!

At its most basic level, the Debreco Ecosystem is a platform for : 

  • consolidating bad debts with tokenization
  • recording debts and credit between entities on the Ethereum blockchain

“Debreco - Debt Consolidation & Credit Record protocol”

Debreco Foundation

DEBRECO, a global debt consolidating and risk transferring management platform that is built on distributed ledger technology. 


Debt Management Programme. Use DEBCO token develop a personalized debt repayment plan to have a piece of mind

Business Entity

Use DEBCO tokens to transfer your bad debt burden to us. Be bad-debt free and focus in your business


Use DEBCO tokens for international Institutional arrangements and debt financing and restructuring.

Debreco seeks to build a platform that will reduce the financial debt of individuals and offer an opportunity for business entities & institutions to use the tokens as a reserve fund to help overcome financial risks. Also, it seeks to build a highly valued token that will help users build their value and increase their assets, at the same time providing a reserve for assets. As such, Debreco seeks to raise funds to build the platform, market to the interested investors and bring users who will benefit from the platform.

Moreover, further development of the platform is needed in order to ensure users enjoy an all-round product. We will undertake further product improvements that are meant to ensure debt coin is revolutionary in the market.

Subjects Details
Company Debreco Ltd
Token Debreco
Tiker DEBCO (ERC20)
Network Ethereum
Crowdfunding Private Event Only
Total 305 million
Public 180 million
Company 120 million
Bounty 5 million
Capping Not Applicable
Unsold Tokens Allocated to Debreco


At its most basic level, the Debreco Ecosystem is a platform for : 

  • consolidating bad debts with tokenization
  • recording debts and credit between entities on the Ethereum blockchain

Usually it takes up to 24 hour after your contribution in ETH to contract address was completed.

We will be adopting and automating KYC and AML after the completion of the crowfunding.

The Know Your Client form is a standard form in the investment industry that ensures investment advisors know detailed information about their clients’ risk tolerance, investment knowledge and financial position. The aim of KYC is also to prevent theft, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. It helps us ensure that our clients are not involved in any of the above, hence the service provider won’t get in trouble with the regulators.

(A) Token Distribution

(B) Funding Distribution


This roadmap serves as a rough guideline to the work Debreco will be doing to provide ongoing support for the Debreco project and add new features to both the protocol and the platform.  Roadmap may subject to change without advance notices.

  • March - August, 2018
  • Idea and strategy development
  • Team development
  • Platform infrastructure
  • Preparing Crowfunding
March - August, 2018
01 Sep - 31 Oct 2018
  • 01 Sep - 31 Oct 2018
  • Launching Early Bird Phase crowdfunding
  • Beta platform development
  • Marketing
  • 01 Nov - 31 Dec 2018
  • Launching Pre-ICO
  • Marketing
  • Testing Platform
01 Nov - 31 Dec 2018
01 Jan - 28 Feb 2019
  • 01 Jan - 28 Feb 2019
  • Launching ICO
  • Broader number of testing applicants contacted to join the testing of Debreco
  • Version 2 alpha begins testing on the testnet.
  • Detailed documentation on using Debreco,  including examples, deployment guide.
  • 01 March 2019
  • Completion of ICO
  • Prepare contribution report
  • Release of report
  • Internal and partner testing of Debreco
  • iOS and Android versions of Debreco version 1 to be released to their respective app stores.
  • Interest Bearing Smart Contracts released on TestNet.
  • Our in-house transaction aggregation and caching layer goes into Alpha Testing
  • Prepare token listing in exchange.

More features and planning will be added.....

01 March 2019

Team Leaders

A comprehensive Business Strategy and Development teams profile will be published after DEBCO is listed on the exchanges

Coming Soon!

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